Accepting Submissions for the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Nov/Dec Edition

I will be hosting the next Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse. I am accepting submissions now. The deadline for submissions is December 11th and the posting date will be December 13th, though please consider posting up until December 13th, because I will be setting aside some time to read any late submissions and adding them. Here is the submission form:

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

If you haven’t submitted before, it is fairly easy and quick to do a submission. If you don’t know of the Blog Carnival or don’t have any idea of what kind of post to submit, the above link will also take you to the Blog Carnival archives where you can see and read other Editions and submissions, just scroll down on the screen past the submission information to get to the archive section.

The theme that I have chosen for this Edition is “What Makes You Happy.” or “Happiness Is…” I recall very distinctly when I was a teenager getting and reading a book by Charles Schultz, the cartoonist of The Peanuts cartoon, Happiness is a Warm PuppyThough I didn’t find happiness in most of the suggestions in the book, I do have to agree that happiness is a puppy or a dog. What I realize now is that we all have our own ideas of happiness and what does it for us, we are all unique and individual, and exploring and embracing our own unique and individual happinesses can be empowering and healing. I hope that you will think about your own little joys and happiness and share them with us here for the Blog Carnival.

Since we are in the holiday season now, I also wanted to ask for submissions on holiday coping for survivors.

It can be a new post you created now for the Blog Carnival or it can be something you previously posted. It can be something from your blog or have written and submitted, even if you don’t have a blog to post it from. Tracie or I can host your post on one of our blogs separately so that it can be added to the Blog Carnival.

The other submission categories are:

Advocacy and Awareness
Healing and Therapy
In the News
Survivor Stories
Art Therapy

Please consider participating. Good and healing thoughts to yous.

2 thoughts on “Accepting Submissions for the Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Nov/Dec Edition

    • Hi Megs,

      Thanks. Yes I was hoping it could help us all, in the blogging community, during the holidays. I know it does me. But of course any kind of submission is included in the upcoming Edition. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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