The Treasure Sale That Wasn’t

I had to get out of bed this morning and get ready to go to the chiropractor’s office for some ultrasound for my low back and hip areas. I’ve been doing that for the last three weeks or so and it is helping so very much. I am having a lot less pain, sleeping better, and am walking better as well. It’s always great to be on the getting better side of things. 🙂

On the way home from the office I decided to get a few errands done. I’ve been kind of sick with ear pain and inflammation this week, so I haven’t done much, and that is okay. Getting well was more important, especially when I tend to have ear pain, sinus pain, nausea, dizziness, and balance issues when dealing with ear pain. Today was better and I really didn’t want to miss my ultrasound treatment, they are helping me so much.

I stopped at the food co-op and got my favorite gluten free bread. It’s Rudi’s Multi-Grain Gluten Free Bread. Oh my god! I love this bread. I’ve tried over five different kinds of gluten free bread as well as making some from a mix and this is my favorite. As I said, oh my god! I love this bread.

I was debating whether or not I felt well enough to walk through a few galleries at a local museum after that, as I was biking by there, and decided perhaps next week or the week after that when I might be feeling less pain and have more fun. Right across from the museum is a church, and there are tons of churches in the downtown Minneapolis, and I saw a sign for a Treasure Sale there today.

I debated whether or not I was going to stop and shop, because seriously the word treasure kind of implies to me item and pricing perhaps beyond my pocketbook and perhaps a waste of my time. I did decide to go inside, driven by a desire to check out their book stacks, clothes, and knick knacks. Well, no treasure and so no sale. I couldn’t even find anything after I found out that all the items were 50% off the listed prices. I can’t remember the last time I walked out of a church sale without a bag or three of purchases.

I guess I really need to go to the usual church summer sales that I go to where I lived before, because I always found something, some little treasure, to take home and keep. I need to remember to find out in advance when the sales are scheduled for, so that I can plan ahead. Summer seems a ways away, but in the meantime I still go to the used stores and shop for bargains and that keeps me acquiring small treasures. I am pretty picky, now that I’ve moved so much since last October and gotten rid of so much clutter.

6 thoughts on “The Treasure Sale That Wasn’t

  1. im sorry of hearing of your ear pain, nausea, etc, and mobility and back pain troubles, but your tone sounded so upbeat, and you sound as if you are really enjoying every moment. i am so happy to hear you sounding this way! i dont think i would be if i was dealing with all the pain and illness. Kudos to you, and hope your mood and attitude endures!


    • Hi Kat,

      Thank you dear. I will try to remember what you said and remind myself of that. I don’t give myself enough credit and will continue to try to do that. Thanks for your kind support and kind comments. You are such a sweet heart.

      I tend to fall into a big vat of denial when I start getting sick, it is just my natural tendency to downplay it all to myself. I know that it was a big survival mechanism for me as a child. I needed to look healthy and take care of myself when I was a child, because I really didn’t have anyone else to do that for me and when sometimes it made me a bigger target by family members who saw I was vulnerable and in pain. I’m trying to live a different way, but it is hard. It’s hard to share the good and the bad, but that is a challenge that I keep working on.

      I do sometimes post on days when I am in the most pain, but today was a good and more positive and feeling better day, and I try to put that in my posts, because it is important to share and to remember there are days when I feel better, when my body is healing.

      Today I am feeling much better than earlier in the week, even than two days ago. I was bummed that I decided I had to cancel my therapy appointment this week, because they are so important and I really need them. The other stuff that I didn’t do seemed small in comparison, though they were important stuff too, like going to an art group and going to support groups. But I needed to stay home, take care of myself in order to feel better, so I did. I’m looking forward to going to a Reiki healing share tomorrow night.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  2. It’s been a while since I’ve been here on the blog. But, you have been in my thoughts. Hoping for and sending you tons of peace and love. xx


    • Hi Lizzie,

      Thank you sweet heart. You are in our thoughts everyday. And thinking of you and reading of your adventures in life brings us happiness and smiles.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and your wife and your family.



  3. Dear Kate,
    I’m so sorry you are in pain. I hope this improves , I’m not feeling to well and my words may not make much sense. Please know I think you have amazing courage, sending happy smiles and soothing thoughts and vibes…lol
    love Ziggy
    p.s I wonder if you know any references that describe ‘color therapy’ for recovery from mental health….in general, not only from trauma and abuse?


    • Hi Ziggy,

      Thank you so much dear. I appreciate all of your kind words.

      I don’t really know much about color therapy. I have done a search for it in the past. I found a couple of books at the library. You might try, there might be some books there that might interest you.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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