Healing Lullabies 11

Goodnight My Love

sung by Sarah Vaughn

Good night, my love, the tired old moon is descending.
Good night, my love, my moment with you is now ending.
It was so heavenly, holding you close to me.
It will be heavenly to hold you again in a dream.
The stars above have promised to meet us tomorrow.
Till then, my love, how dreary the new day will seem.
So for the present, dear, we’ll have to part.
Sleep tight, my love, good night, my love,
Remember that you’re mine, sweetheart.

Good night, my love, your mommy is kneeling beside you.
Good night, my love, to Dreamland the Sandman will guide you.
Come now, you sleepy head, close your eyes, go to bed.
My precious sleepy head, you mustn’t play peek-a-boo.
Goodnight, my love, your little Dutch dolly is yawning.
Goodnight, my love, your teddy bear called it a day.
Your doggy’s fast asleep, my but he’s smart.
Sleep tight, my love, good night, my love,
God bless you, pleasant dreams, sweetheart.

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