Told Therapist About DID

I told my therapist recently about being multiple. She seemed unfazed. I think she had a pretty good idea that I was. I think it was something she got in the paperwork from my short-term crisis counselor, but I hadn’t brought it up until recently and she had not asked me about it, which was nice. My life was in too much upheaval when I first started seeing her, I was still at the women’s shelter, she is the therapist at the shelter, and I was concerned that it remain private there. I didn’t want anyone talking about it in case other clients overheard and it was something that other clients used to mistreat me further.

So I wanted to keep my stuff private and out of any discussions while I was at the women’s shelter.

It was at the end of a session recently and that was good, because I was concerned that she would start grilling me about us and make me uncomfortable and make me feel unsure about seeing her again. But fortunately she is smart and capable and competent and made me feel okay about being who I am. She always does that.

12 thoughts on “Told Therapist About DID

    • I changed my email for blog and it disappeared, when I changed it back it came back as well. But the photo is not on my blog home page, so I might have to add it again as a gravatar. that took me forever, and I hated it, hopefully it will self-correct by tomorrow, but that is just hoping. Online stuff is such a pain for me. Oh well.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  1. That’s great. It’s so important to have your therapist react well to news we are insecure about. I always breathe a metaphorical sigh of relief when I broach a topic with my therapist I had been avoiding or anxious about.


    • Hello Natalya,

      Yes, I agree. Telling can be so stressful and anxiety-ridden. It is nice to get it over with and to get an appropriate response, so healing.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hello dearest Liz,

      Thank you dear. This is one of my blog comments that I will be definitely saving to my draft section that I will read over and over when I need to remind myself that those who love me see me so wonderfully. Thank you dear Liz. We are so happy that you are our friend. Love to you and your wife and family from us.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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