On the Anniversary of My Mother’s Birth

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Today I want to acknowledge that my existence was a miracle. When my mother was still in her mother’s womb there was the egg within her little self, the very egg that would become me. I was carried in her body all of her childhood and teenage years and early adulthood. Until one day the egg that carried vital information of the me I would become chose to accept a certain sperm, allowed it to enter it’s outer protective self and united to eventually become me. What a beautiful miracle I am.

I am descended from thousands of individuals who united with someone else to create another person. They are all miracles.

The chances of my creation, of their individual creations are such profound miracles. Today I choose the miracle that my hereditary lines are. And the miracle that each of you are.

Good and healing thoughts to us all.


6 thoughts on “On the Anniversary of My Mother’s Birth

  1. What a beautiful, empowering post Kate. I just started a 21 day meditation challenge focused on miracles, and today’s meditation (which I just finished a minute ago) was all about focusing on I am a wonderful miracle of life. I suppose the universe is sending that message out to us all today!

    Peace & love to yous. xx


    • Hi Liz,

      I agree, the message wants to be sent out. 🙂 Thank you dear Liz for all the wonderful words and emotions and thoughts you send out to the universe.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  2. How very profound!!! Good for you to see the miracle and the blessing. I know you had issues with your mother, but I love the thought of being inside my mother since before her birth. It makes me feel even closer to her.

    We are all so unique. It is impossible that it is all an accident. We are special and meant to be. Thank you for expressing it so wonderfully!



    • Thank you Granny. You always make me feel so special.

      I’m glad that the thought of being inside your mother as she lived her whole life before you were conceived is a wonderful thought for you. I think it is such a beautiful image.

      It is for me, but because of my female parent, but just as a continuation of the miracle of life and humanity and how much we truly are a part of nature and the universe.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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