Support Group Advice

This week I went to a support group. It is a wonderful group and I attended before I moved to my little apartment.

One piece of advice, when it came to the topic of self-care, was when you have an infection cut the ends off of an onion and peel the outer layers off, put it on a plate or something protective and put it in the room you will be sleeping in. The onion will supposedly absorb the infection. Well, I was pretty skeptical, but I had heard that you should never eat an onion that has been sitting in the fridge, but throw out any leftover pieces after you cook each time, because of the same reason.

Thursday I was so sick I didn’t even bother to get out of bed. I had a terrible throbbing headache and what I believed was a true sinus infection once again. I had to get out of bed to get medication and aspirins, and remembered to buy a couple of large onions. Let me just say that I did it and I really think it works. I woke up today feeling so much better than yesterday and haven’t even had to take any aspirins so far. If only I had tried this all day Thursday. I am going to do it again tonight.

Good and healing thoughts to you all.

15 thoughts on “Support Group Advice

  1. Cool! Thanks for the tip. I think I’ll try the onion thing if I feel like I’ve come down with something. Can’t hurt! 🙂


  2. I’ve never heard of the onion thing before, but I will definitely have to try it! Glad you are feeling better. Hope it continues. Peace & love.


    • Hi Granny,

      I was thinking of something I heard several times before, that most medicines are made from nature, and that is what works best. For me, cheapest is best, because over the counter meds cost so much money and I’d really like to avoid taking the azithromyocin, z pack, again, because I’ve done that twice already this year. I also got some Reiki healing work done on me Saturday evening and that really seemed to help a lot. Not completely well yet, but up and doing things each day and using a fresh onion each night.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi David,

      Thanks. It is a good group, some people have left it and there are some really great new members, so it is an even better group than it was before. I’m glad to be able to attend. The members really seem to try very hard to enforce good and positive beliefs in yourself and to foster high self-esteem. I consider myself very lucky to be there and it is really helping to move me along on my healing path.

      Good and healing thoughts to you and your loved ones.



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