Month of Celebrating Life: Twirl

26. twirl

I wanted to take a photo of me twirling, but I thought it might not look any better than the photo of me jumping. So I decided not to take the word twirl as today’s prompt so literally and to instead think of what I think of when I think of the world twirl.

Twirling means to me abandoned inhibitions for the seeking of joy and happiness. One thing that does that for us is bubbles. It was so nice and warm today. We had some taking care of life business stuff, but afterwards we went for a long bike ride, and then around the lake and then some photo taking and then to the coffeeshop at Target. Thinking about twirling I thought we needed to buy some bubbles while there and this photo is my attempt to capture them in a photo, which was surprisingly hard to do. Bubbles do it for me. I don’t think I know why, they just do, so my belief about that is just go with it. If some small things brings you joy, embrace it as much as you can, as often as you can.

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