Month of Celebrating Life: Jump

24. jump

Here I am in mid-jump. Reflecting on the word jump and what it means in my life right now and on my healing path I realized that today the word means action, taking action, doing. Of course the word jump is used positively and negatively. You can jump in and do something you have wanted to do for a long time or you can not look before you leap kind of jumping. So I focused on the positive kind of jumping today.

Doing has been a huge focus of my healing for the last couple of years. Going out and practicing being a pack leader, calm and assertive, in charge of my own life, occupying my own space, in control of my own choices. Doing things that are good and fun and taking care to do my self-care and reaching out to others, interacting with other survivors of childhood abuse, making new friends, being a support for others and learning better how to make friends and to be giving and good and loving and kind to them. Those kinds of jumps are good and have brought so much healing and love into my life. I think I’ll jump some more.

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