Month of Celebrating Life: Mother Nature

22. mother nature (Earth Day)

Thoughts several days ago of mother nature and Earth Day brought up lots of wonderful lush and growing images. The reality of mother nature today was something else entirely, what seems to be the start of a snowstorm. I did manage to go on a bike ride to the library today, two miles or so, to get some movies to watch, and then home again.

This whole month has been one whole exercise in managing expectation and disappointment. It is good practice. Not that I haven’t had tons of practice on these issues, just that I like to acknowledge that it is all a challenge and I am rising to the challenge and working on my healing issues. It’s good to see that in the midst of all that I have been going through this year, I am still up for the challenge and to give myself the credit that I deserve.

I am living. I am independent. I am paying my bills. I am taking care of myself. I am working on finding a new place to live. I am praying and thinking good thoughts for myself and my new abode. Friends and others are doing the same for me. I am blogging and reading other blogs. I am in contact with friends and that is something that gives me/us so much.

2 thoughts on “Month of Celebrating Life: Mother Nature

  1. You have accomplished so much and are such an inspiration for me and for others. I continue to think of peace and love for you all. xo


    • 🙂 Thank you for all the thoughts you send to us. They really make a big difference, and of course your friendship and love is felt and valued immeasurably.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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