Yes, Mothers Rape Their Children

Notice: This blog is a healing blog by a survivor of child sexual abuse. This blog does not include specific details or depictions about child sexual abuse, fiction or non-fiction, nor do I post any links here that do so.

My Resource Links Pages:

Mother Daughter Sexual Abuse

Female Sexual Offenders

Male Survivor Links

Healing from Child Sexual Abuse

Resources for Survivors

May be upsetting or triggering, mentions sexual offenders and their online activities.

There is an older post, with the same title as this one, one that still gets a lot of hits, because it is on the topic of mother daughter sexual abuse and I use the word rape. Apparently that is a word that sexual offenders online use a lot when trying to find sexual offenses against children online. Yesterday I got a particularly upsetting word search and this is the post they went to. I wanted to keep that blog post, and indeed had decided to keep it up each time this comes up, but now instead I made it password protected and instead posted the portion with the links on this topic from my resource pages to this new post.

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