28 Days of Love Photo Challenge

My friend Liz at her blog just be.love all.live life. has posted a photo challenge for the month of February; 28 Days of Love. I really want to do this photo challenge, but my homelife is pretty chaotic right now and so I don’t think that I can manage doing the photography tasks each day. So instead I am going to post a photo every day taken by someone else, that I find online. The focus for the month will be love and each day there will be another word or words to focus on. I’m going to try to write each day about this process some of what the word brings up for me and how it relates to love, February, my past, my present, my life and what I love now, and my healing.

Here are the daily words:

1. adore
2. romantic
3. cherish
4. emotion
5. devotion
6. friendship
7. passion
8. sentimental
9. admire
10. hug
11. crave
12. heart
13. red
14. love
15. nostalgic
16. flower
17. dream
18. breathe
19. soft
20. memory
21. beloved
22. beauty
23. wild
24. intimate
25. present moment
26. savor
27. enjoy
28. you

2 thoughts on “28 Days of Love Photo Challenge

    • Hi Liz,

      Thanks. I’m excited. I decided that I have to find new images each day and can’t use anything that I already have on my computer or online at my photo sharing place.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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