My Poetry


if it is true
that we live
many lives,
let me not
be a person
once again
let me not
struggle again
with such pain
let me not
know of abuse
betrayal and suffering

there are those
who say
humanity is the highest
form of existence
I cannot agree
so instead
let me choose
a life of joy

let me next
be a sunflower
so I can know
the sun shining upon my face
with glee
to dig my roots
deep into the soil
to be kissed
by the rain

then a butterfly
so I can know
the sensation
of flying free
and breathing deep
to smell the air
and quiver with
the anticipation
of another dawn

then throw my elements
into the air
let me travel
back to the stars,
once I was stardust
let me be it again
reveling and dancing
in infinity

~ Kate

4 thoughts on “My Poetry

    • Hi Beauty,

      Thank you. I was at your blog recently and felt very foolish that I had not realized that you were posting again. I guess I lost you there some time ago when you had posted about not blogging anymore, sorry about losing track of you. I have to go back and read up on what you have been doing.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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