I Am A Healer, Oh Yeah

I have been doing some Reiki distance healing one-on-one sessions for a friend. (What is Reiki?) I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. Several things blocked me and got in my way of doing them.

First I wasn’t sure if what I thought I could do was possible long distance. I wanted to do intense Reiki healings for others. But for the time being many of the people that I’ve wanted to help heal don’t live near me. That’s the thing about making friends online, it is great to have someone, but it is painful that they aren’t closer. I’ve done healing sessions for others and it was powerful. I believe that I am gifted, though I vacillated on that for a long time.

Second although I am a Reiki teacher I don’t teach and I don’t do a lot of Reiki healing energy sessions. I mostly do Reiki distance healing, which is when you have a list of friends, loved ones, family, etc that you do a short Reiki distance session for, about five to ten minutes a day and this short session sends each person Reiki every hour for the next 24 hours. A short session is often all that I can do. I love to send my friends, especially my survivor friends, healing energy. Yes it is effective, but I wanted to do more. I wanted to someday help clients to do deep intense healing.

Thirdly I don’t usually do more because of my health issues. My hands, neck, and shoulders can get worse and often do. So I get hesitant and concerned. My health has positively increased incrementally for some time and I was now well enough to return to the exploring of the possibility.

Fourthly I am realizing and acknowledging recently that on an unconscious level I still believe that I am unworthy, due to my mother’s many abuses of me. I wish that wasn’t so, from the bottom of my heart. I wish that all the damage from her was gone, healed. Because of that I think that I was stuck in procrastination. If I didn’t do anything, I couldn’t confirm or deny the old beliefs lies. Here’s the thing, now I know. I am worthy. I always knew I was a healer, but doubted my worthiness.

I am a healer.

Healer della donna.

Healer of women.

I am so happy.:) I had thought that I could do a very good job with this. I was right. I am a healer. I always knew, but now I know how good I am. 🙂 I am so happy that I am helping my best friend to heal. I am going to help others too.

When I became a Reiki student five years ago I heard several students talking about how you shouldn’t call yourself a healer, that is for someone else to say. They said  you shouldn’t call yourself a healer, that is prideful, that is wrong.

I am a healer. I am so proud.

6 thoughts on “I Am A Healer, Oh Yeah

    • Hello dear Butterfly,

      That has always been my deepest wish. I will try to come to a place of belief in that. Thank you dear Butterfly.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



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