Elf, the Movie.

You know what? I’m not a big fan of the movie Elf. And now they’ve made it into a musical! I kind of got suckered into seeing it under false pretensions. Before the movie was released they were having commercials geared towards adults to go see this movie. This guy, who dresses like an elf, was raised by elves, at the North Pole, a comedy, ha ha. A relative and I went to see it the first weekend it was out. And everyone else in the audience were kids and their parents. That was when we had a clue, either they were all wrong for the movie or we were. We were. After the first weekend I noticed they started advertising the movie for kids. Good plan.

The Littles however have quietly loved the movie. They usually convince me to watch it once a year. I saw a used copy of the movie at the used store and they managed to convince me to buy it for them. We haven’t seen it yet, but oh yes they will convince me again.

It is just one of those things that I have to suffer through, cause I really don’t like some things that they do. I’ve always insisted no purple dinosaurs. And I can’t really abide Dora the little explorer girl. But we have watched episodes of Go Diego Go and for days after the songs in the show will dance merrily around in my head. I’ll find myself singing out loud apropos of absolutely nothing Diego Diego Go Diego Go or Ah Rescue Pack! Coming to the Rescue. I’d rather remember lyrics to other songs.

Most of the animated movies I love. However at times I’m not very appreciative of the shows and movies that they want to watch. For the most part I manage to get them some of what they want and I have really dedicated this month to letting them watch a whole bunch of animated movies and shows as well as Christmas ones too. They have been telling me lately that I need to stop complaining about the quality of the shows or characters while they are watching, because it interferes with their enjoyment of the shows. So I’m trying.

Something I read recently is helping me to appreciate the movie Elf and their enjoyment of it. It’s an article at a blog I recently discovered, positively present, and the article is called 10 life lessons from the movie elf. Some of my favorite lessons are make smiling your favorite, give out compliments freely, don’t give up, and let life excite you. I like that.

2 thoughts on “Elf, the Movie.

    • Hello Granny,

      Thank you. Lots of times it is easy, this is not one of those times. Thanks for the acknowledgement. 🙂

      Good and healing thoughts to you and to those you love.



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