Our Christmas Bush

Five years ago, when I got my first check from Social Security Disability I went to Target and got, what I call, our Christmas bush. It doesn’t take up a lot of space and I don’t ever have a lot of space, so it works good.It hooks together quick and easy, just three pieces to attach to the urn and then on top of one another.

Three years ago it was in another state, in storage. The first Christmas I got it home again I didn’t put it up, I had injured my mid-back and so much of my decorating plans were on hold. Last year I got sick early in the season, it lasted, and again,  a lot of decorating didn’t get done. I did manage to put it up, but the only decorations on it were the white Christmas lights that come attached to the bush.

This year I put it up early, the weekend before Thanksgiving. For some bizarre reason I haven’t found most of my tree decorations. I looked through every box of stuff I still have boxed except a few that I knew for sure didn’t have them. With my health issues right now, lifting makes things worse so I have been taking it slow. Late last night I thought I remembered putting them into the biggest box I have, so I need to look there and see if that is where they are. I hope they are there, because if they aren’t I don’t have them anymore and I know for sure I had them before moving.

I’ve done a lot of decisions about what to keep of a box of Christmas tree items. I was shocked that most of it was something I am going to donate. I did donate a huge box many years ago to the food shelf for the same reasons. Most of the tree items have connections to my mother and sister and I got rid of everything else but the Christmas stuff and some Disney dolls. I can’t ask The Littles to give up their dollies, so we still have those. I will take the items over to the Salvation Army and donate them. Hopefully someone else can look at them and feel happy.

I am planning on decorating the Christmas bush by the end of the weekend. Here is what it looks like now:

Picture 070

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