My Blog in December

I wanted to let everyone know that my blog in December will be focusing a lot on Christmas. For several years The Littles and then The Teens as well wanted to have more holiday focused posts during December.

So we will be doing this:

The Littles’ Healing Quotes, staring on the first and going throughout the month on the odd days and The Teens’ Healing Quotes, starting on the second and going throughout the month on the even days of the month. Each of the quotes will have a photo with them, mostly focusing on Christmas. In addition there will be some more Christmas posts, titled Christmas songs and Christmas photos. They should all be titled. I will also be posting about daily stuff, Christmas stuff, and healing stuff through the month.

I wanted to do some advance notice because even though I usually do many holiday-focused posts I realize that some survivors and especially ritual abuse survivors find this time of year and many symbols of holidays very triggering. I also know that many survivors and even others find it a very upsetting, lonely, depressing, difficult, and challenging time of year. I don’t want to add one moment of pain to any of that. I hope that you find the blog entertaining and enjoyable this next month. It is our intention to do so.

Here is the link to my Holiday Coping Resource Page with lots of links to articles on coping, comforting, getting through, dealing with stress, dealing with family and dysfunctional others, and finding some moments of joy and happiness for yourself:

Holiday Coping

Good and healing thoughts to us all through this holiday season.

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