My Favorite Library

I love my libraries. My all-time favorite library, I know this comes as no surprise as I’ve written about it so often, is the downtown Minneapolis library. (I realized while uploading the photos that I didn’t take any photos of the outside of the library. But you can see it by clicking on the link above to my previous post on this library.)

I am strongly connected to the library. When I am upset or tired out or in need of connectedness for some other reason I usually think of the downtown Minneapolis library. I realized how strong a connection I have with this library when I had started doing it automatically when I needed to be grounded and more connected. I feel this connectedness now more and more and I find that connection comforting and sustaining.

Here are some photos of a recent trip:

Here is the inside entrance into the library. The library takes up one square block and the hallway in front of the entrance runs from one block all the way to the other block. On the far left of the photo you can see one of the giant stone pillars.

Across from the front entrance to the library is a statue of a woman with a book. I can’t remember what the statue says, but I think it is dedicated to wisdom.

An up-close look at the statue. I love this woman. I remember her from when I was a young child on a school field trip. I have seen her hundreds of times since and she always makes me feel happy and at home.

Looking up, near the main entrance in the hallway, you can see the different floors, with the pillars.  I love the design of this building. It always get to me.

The view of the second floor stairs, when standing in the hallway under it, looking up. Yes it looks like there isn’t anything under the stairs, but there is. It can be a little daunting walking on them and also taking the elevator, which looks out onto the hallway from one side of the elevator being all glass.

My favorite ever library used bookstore. I get great paperback books for 75 cents! Right next to the bookstore is the coffeeshop, so there is a constant huge smell of great coffee permeating the bookstore.

Ahh, my favorite coffeeshop company, Dunn Bros. Coffee. Their coffee is my favorite coffee to have. About six months ago I bought a pound of Peru coffee. I was in recently and was so upset they didn’t have any of the same kind for sale. I didn’t buy anything else, I was so disappointed. Psst, I still have plenty of Starbuck’s Pike Place at home.

The view outside the windows from my favorite comfy chair at the coffeeshop. I’m sitting right next to one of the stone pillars. And not surprisingly my view looks out on the bike racks! It was darker and rainy on this day, so I did not get some photos of the tall window area right there, it is like about three stories high. But I will the next time I am there when it is sunny with some clouds traveling across the sky. That is a great thing to do, sit there, read and watch the clouds go by.

Here I am sticking my pink converse one stars in a photo, again. Just sipping my caffee and reading my book. Ahh, heaven. One of the places on earth where my soul sings with joy.

17 thoughts on “My Favorite Library

    • Hi Granny,

      Thanks dear. I agree, we should all be so lucky. I would like to share this kind of library with everybody. Next time I am at the library and it is sunnier I will take some more photos, because it looks so much better with all the sunlight that comes into the building.

      Good and healing thoughts to yous.



  1. Wow, nice library! There are none that large around my area 😦 We have a few ‘large-ish’ libraries but nothing spectacular like the one you have. My old university library was pretty big but I don’t think it took up a whole block. I am experiencing ‘library envy’! LOL


    • Lol. I am delighted that you are experiencing library envy.

      I absolutely love my library. The old library was demolished and they built the new one on the same spot. It will be ten years old in May since it opened. It opened on my birthday! I’m still planning on photographing more of the library and posting it here, perhaps when warmer weather comes again.



      • That is a happy coincidence having the library open on your birthday 😀

        Can’t wait to see more photos 🙂


      • Thanks. I did sort of take it personally, it was quite a birthday gift. 🙂

        I’m looking forward to going again, on a day when the weather is warmer, because the coffeeshop, unfortunately gets very cold in there on really cold days.



      • Ah, yes I imagine it’s expensive to heat and glass windows let heat out easily, unless they’re the energy efficient ones. We have a library nearby with a cafe but it’s only small compared to your favourite. It has windows though like your coffee shop but they are energy efficient so it’s warm inside.


      • The coffeeshop is right next to the front library doors and their doors are constantly opening and closing as well, so I think it is cold because of that. The building was supposedly made to be energy efficient, but I don’t think that they heat and cool it properly, due to budget cuts.

        We were so lucky to get it made. Unfortunately they didn’t find money to attach a new planetarium to it, like we had before, and there hasn’t been funding for it still. I miss the planetarium a lot.

        Good and healing thoughts to you.



      • Aw, I can understand that. I’d hate to work in a shop where the doors are constantly opening and closing to the cold air outdoors. I’ve been in stores like that before and usually wouldn’t go in unless I was dressed warmly! lol

        Your old library had a planetarium? Gosh, your old library and new one sound much nice than the ones around where I live!


      • Well Minneapolis is a big town so they had a really great downtown library, but it really got too small for all the books and for everything else and they needed a lot more space, so the new one came about. They have an auditorium and classrooms and so much more room for other things too. When I was in high school I volunteered at the planetarium, I loved it there, still miss it.



      • That is the thing to do, I think, move near awesome libraries. Libraries are so important to me. There is a nice one near where I live now, but it isn’t and no other library can replace the downtown one, my fave.



      • Libraries have always been a sort of refuge for me. When I was in school it was a place to escape bullying. Then they were also a place to find free books to escape through(novels). In one way or another libraries have always saved me from feeling totally lost and alone.


      • Me too. On my birthday last year, in May, I did a quote about books and libraries every hour, with a picture to go with each. I’m planning on doing the same this year. I already have more than 24 quotes!



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