Sleep Deprivation

I never get enough sleep. I never sleep deeply. That started when I was very little. I believe that is due to being sexually abused as a child. I’ve tried lots of different things before going to sleep. Some work. Most don’t. I’ve spent decades half asleep.

Now when I don’t get enough sleep one thing works great for me. I found it a few years ago when a friend of mine, who is also a Reiki teacher, went to the great local rock/crystal shop. I found some great stones there that day that I had picked out intuitively. One of the nice things about the shop is that they had a copy of a great book at the counter for reference, Love is in the Earth by Melody. It was nice to look in the book and find out ways that the stones have been used for healing. Doing that also helped confirm to me that I was picking out the right stones to take home.

One of the stones I took home was pyrite. It is a solid oval, about three inches long and two inches wide and about an inch thick. I hold it in my hand. Here is a photo that looks sort of like mine: pyrite. In the book was a reference to using it when  you need a nap. I thought, this is great, I always need more sleep.

A few days later I was had a weekend class to attend. I didn’t get any sleep on Saturday night, but still had to be up early and at the class the next morning. I took the pyrite stone with me. For the first hour of the class I held it in my hand. It heated up, very hot, and then after an hour, when I didn’t feel tired anymore, it had slowly cooled down. It does this every time and every time it makes me feel as though I had gotten some good sleep and rest. It’s something that has always helped me and been very healing. It’s something that has always worked.

It’s just a good idea to not do it late in the day, because otherwise you will be wide awake for hours.

2 thoughts on “Sleep Deprivation

  1. I too have always had trouble with getting enough sleep. I’m so happy you have found something gentle that works for you. Always keep searching for the best things for you. You deserve that!



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