Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Archives

Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Archives:

Hosted by: From Tracie

Submisson Form & Archive Page


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~  February  ~  June  ~  October


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January  ~  February  ~  March  ~  April  ~  May  ~  June  ~  July  ~  September  ~  October  ~  November  ~  December

January  ~  February  ~  March  ~  April  ~  May  ~  June  ~  July ~ August  ~  September  ~  November

January   ~  March  ~  April ~ May ~ June ~ July ~ September ~ November ~ December


January  ~ March ~ April  ~ September  ~ November ~ December


January  ~ April  ~ July ~ August  ~ November ~ December


4 thoughts on “Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse Archives

    • Hi Mike,

      You’re welcome. Actually they were gathered by Tracie at her blog From Tracie, at the link above, you need to scroll down there on her submission page to the bottom of the page to see them there. I just felt the need to put them up on my blog too.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Lisa,

      You’re welcome. No, you aren’t crazy for feeling and thinking like you do.

      I’m sorry that you can relate and went through child sexual abuse. I am glad to have you here on my blog as a reader. I hope to hear from you again, as contact with other survivors is so important for me and helps me so much in my life and in my healing work.

      I hope that it helps you in healing. If you click onto the resource link at the top of the page it will take you to my resource page that connects to over 40 pages of links for survivors covering a huge number of topics and types of abuse. Good and healing thoughts to you.



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