Crafts 11

Star Trek Sign/Communicator

Star Trek Ornaments

Star Trek Collage Magnets

Comic Book Barette

Comic Book Pendant Necklace

A Superhero Cape

Doggie Coat

Self Portrait Doll

A Book Purse

Zombie Barbies

Recycled Robots

Secret Hollow Books

Decoupage Table

How to Stamp Velvet

Drawstring Bags or Purses

TShirt Tote

Decoupage Shoes

Sweater Sleeve Leggings

CD Votive Trio

Door Snake

Foam Kid LightSabers

Tutorials at Geek Craft

Crafts Archive

4 thoughts on “Crafts 11

  1. Love your list of crafts! I’m strangely attracted to the Zombie Barbies and love the Decoupage Shoes. You always find the most unusual things. How do you do it? I simply must go find my Barbies and some white paint.



    • Hi Granny,

      Ohh Granny I love the zombie barbies as well. There is a used store that sells them three to a bunch, which I must get and alter. I must! I’ve got to decoupage some shoes too.

      Well I surf around a lot of blogs where they post tutorials and other craft sites. My new thing is Pinterest. Granny do you have a Pinterest account? If you are interested I can send you an invitation from my account, and I think they will give it to you soon. Otherwise I had to wait several months for them to approve my account. Ridiculous. Fair warning, it is horribly addicting and time wasting and fun.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



      • Oh I know Pinterest! And I am totally addicted! I am looking at everyone’s pins for ideas for decorating my new house. What fun! Thanks for the offer but let me get moved first. Then I would looooove the invitation! I’ll let you know when. You are such a Sweetie!

        How did I miss that you had a Pinterest account? I must visit you.



      • Hi Granny,

        I haven’t written about my Pinterest account here yet and haven’t been there long, a couple of months. I hope you can check out my creative healing and craft ideas folders. Here is a link:

        Kate’s Pinterest Account

        Good and healing thoughts to you.



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