Taking Back the Enemy’s Territory

Childhood abuse teaches us many bad and false beliefs. We become numb inside to survive. We are detached from our minds, our bodies, and our emotions. This makes it harder for us to find ourselves and our joys in life. It makes it harder for us to believe we are blameless in abuse and to be taught that we are to blame for all our problems and emotions and troubles. Conversely it makes it hard for us to take competent control of our own lives, no matter how much we wish to do so.

My mother was my first sexual offender (Mother-Daughter Sexual Abuse). Having a mother who sexually abuses you cuts you off from the first person in the world who can love you and help convince yourself that you are loveable and deserving. My mother as a sexual offender used a number of varied emotional and verbal abuse techniques as well to take over my mind and convince me to believe all the lies she told about me. My mind became enemy territory.

Some of us have a lot more to deal with to get there, but there is a way to get where you want to go, or at least I believe there is a path that is worth walking for the rest of my life that is worthy of my walking it and healing along the way. I believe in healing. I intend to get many places, but whatever happens, I intend to help heal and to love myself, and it is our wish to help others as well, in the process on this journey.

There is a quote from the Bible, that is like a prayer to God, that I love, which encapsulates what I believe I am doing for the rest of my life, but I will just have to paraphrase here:

Oh Lord help me to take back what has been lost to the enemy. It is the closest description of what I believe healing is. I believe this is possible. I can and am taking back my mind, my thoughts, my beliefs from the enemy. I will continue to do so. I am more and more sure that others will find their healing path as well.

7 thoughts on “Taking Back the Enemy’s Territory

    • Hi David,

      Thank you.

      Yes, I agree with you, there are a lot of idiots who purposely misquote. And also use the Old Testament as though it is how we are expected to live, while ignoring the bulk of what being a person of the Jewish faith meant thousands of years ago. Since they are Christian and not of the Jewish faith, it is nothing more than a justification and rationalization for doing evil while pretending it is sacred work.

      I’ve read the Bible through eight times and it is amazing and appalling to me how many people who don’t practice a Christian faith can rip out a quote that says it’s okay to do whatever we want with the planet, with women, with children, with our community, with people of other countries, races, and faiths. Jesus, in his own time, did not get along with those kinds of people. Honestly, I find it difficult as well.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  1. Although I do not follow the same religion as you, I have my own texts that I find strength from.

    I think the biggest part of the healing process for me is the way I deal with the healing process of others. I take strength from the meaning the words have to that person over the actual religious meaning of the words.


    • Hi,

      I don’t usually blog about religion, preferring to address it from a spirituality approach. But on this post, it was about a specific quote that I draw meaning, strength, and healing from.
      I too take strength from the healing process and meanings from other survivors on their healing paths. Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Tracie,

      I’m glad that it is powerful for you as well. I know that I was very free with the paraphrasing, while still retaining the original purpose of the quote.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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