Nice Library Visit

I went to the downtown library today. Being on the bus, and on the street, etc I had plenty of opportunities to practice being calm and assertive like Cesar Millan, The Dog Whisperer, trains people to do. There were also moments when I imagined my invisible magic cape blowing behind me and imagined myself being strong.  

While there I bought four used paperback books from the used bookstore in the library. So I didn’t check out any books. After all I had four ebooks and two regular books at home already, to read and return to the library in the near future.

Oh the nicest part was going to the Dunn Bros. Coffeeshop. I hadn’t been down there for several months, so I was so happy with the coffee. I remember having this type before, it was just listed as Peru. The flavor was smooth with some interesting zings in it. I remembered that I have had this in the past and how much I liked it.

Sitting in a comfortable chair, looking outside through the huge windows, warmed by the heat in the shop, reading a book I brought along to read, sipping this wonderful coffee, it was my idea of great.  

When I was done drinking it I got up and returned to the counter to buy a pound of Peru to take home. Yum, now I have a marvelous smelling pound at home waiting just for me.

They always have a special with every pound purchase, a free medium coffee, but I had already bought my coffee. I asked the barista if I could give the free coffee to someone in line and with her approval I offered it down the waiting line until someone said yes they would like a medium coffee. The first woman said no she was getting a large cold coffee drink. The second woman, who was with the first, said yes, she would like a medium coffee for free.

Then the barista said thank you for giving it to someone else. I thought that was very nice of her to say and really nice of her to let me give it to someone else. The gal I gave the free coffee to wanted to pay me back, but said she wasn’t sure if she had any cash. I told her no, it is free and I already have my coffee, you don’t need to pay me for it. She said thank you nicely again and smiled and walked away. That was a nice experience to be able to just give someone something. A nice little treat, for no reason.

9 thoughts on “Nice Library Visit

  1. Hey Kate. What do you read your ebooks on?

    I just read this article on a librarian website that Random House is increasing the price of ebooks to libraries astronomically. Librarians are afraid they wil only be able to afford bestselliing ebooks.


    • Hi Hope,

      I hadn’t heard that. That is worrying.

      I read on my pc. I downloaded Digital Abode Editions for free from the library to read PDF ebook files and EPUB ebook files and Kindle apps from website for free to read Kindle ebooks. Some publishers won’t let their books be downloaded unless you have a Kindle registered with so that is an issue, it is like they don’t want anyone to be able to use the library books unless they buy kindle, so it really isn’t free any more when it comes to those books. I have heard there is a lot of customer dissatisfaction with kindle and think it is totally unfair to make that a requirement for library books. They say it is that someone cannot download to kindle directly but rather have to use a pc, but you cannot download those publisher’s books to your pc unless you have a kindle registered at What a crooked deal.



      • It’s the same way with Itunes. A person cannot download music unless they own and have registered an Apple portable product.
        It looks like Amazon is trying to force people to buy a Kindle in order to get access to free books. I notice they offer a bunch of free and low cost books to Kindle owners. That really irritates me. The only way I will buy a kindle is when the price goes below thirty dollars. I am cheap, no frugal.


      • Hi Hope,

        Yes I think it is a deal made between those publishers and amazon, quite possibly illegal if the facts were to come to light. It’s unfortunate that the libraries are using amazon for the downloads, and it looks as though they are not doing the right thing by library patrons.

        About the free book downloads I wanted to mention that they are probably books that have their rights expired. There are many books like that I can download from the library that do not count against book limit. As well there are a few sites online that I know of that you can do the same thing and read books for free.

        Here are a few:

        The Literature Page

        Project Gutenberg

        Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Granny,

      Thanks dear. I am going to try to do an outing every week to downtown, until it gets really warm, then I will do it more often. Tomorrow is supposed to be much warmer, so I have tentative plans for a nice bike ride.

      “Looking forward to spring.”

      Oh Granny, me too! Good and healing thoughts to you.



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