Crafts 8

Decorative Frosted Glass Mirrors

Framed Mirror

Framed Gate

Dictionary Art

Framed Family Recipes

Fixing Picture Frames

Astrology Artwork

Salt & Coffee Watercolors

Hurricane Candle Holders

Glowing Firefly Jars

Snow Globes

Bird Feeder Stand

Printed Candles

Scrap Fabric Lampshade

Dreamcatcher Mobile

Scrap Fabric Bowl

Stone Heart

Crochet School

Twine-Wrapped Letters

Chalkboard Mug

Chalkboard Globe

Blessing Goddess

Key/Heart Necklace

No-Sew Purse

Make Colored Glass

Crafts Archive

2 thoughts on “Crafts 8

    • Hi Granny,

      Ohhh I love the dictionary art one myself. I have plans to make a few of those. But first I need to find a really cool old dictionary. I was going to make the hurricane candle holders myself for Christmas gifts, but the dollar tree store was sold out, I think lots of other people must have bought them out with the same idea. Still waiting for them to re-stock on that one. I bought the glue so I am ready now once they come in.

      I do a lot of online searches and searches on wordpress for crafts tutorials and diy. When I find one craft that I like I check out other crafts on that blog and look at the blog’s blogroll. I travel around a lot online in the late night hours.

      Good and fun crafting to you. Good and healing thoughts to you as well.



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