Opportunities for Gentle Self-Care

I overdid it a lot, a couple days ago, while working on organizing my bedroom and while moving boxes of things around. It was a huge project and I am more than half-way through. I’m getting it ready to more organized and for making room for my dual exercise machine.

So I was in a lot of pain yesterday, and was concerned I wouldn’t be able to do my extra steps yesterday and today, but I did. I took some anti-inflammatories, hot showers, and they seemed to help a lot, took a nice afternoon nap each day and am glad that I was able to do my extra steps both day.

I don’t feel as good today as I did before I got hurt, but I am doing much better and feel positive that I will continue in the right direction. The doctor and the chiropractor are also choices I can make, when and if I need them. For now I am on the right path.

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