The Food Co-Op

I love the idea of a food co-op. I love the idea of eating healthier and I am trying. I would love to be able to shop there all the time and buy lots of things there. It’s just that right now I just can’t afford it. I am starting to buy a few things there now.

I had another one of those happy crying moments not too long ago. I rode my bike over to the closest food co-op and was looking all around there. I asked for help several times and got it, so not a normal result in the normal store.

The part that brought me to tears, though, didn’t have anything really to do with what they had or how they treated me in the store. It was that there were little stickers next to certain foods that said “gluten free” on them all around the store. Sweet!

6 thoughts on “The Food Co-Op

    • Hi David,

      Yes, it is great to have another resource. I so much prefer buying something there instead of the big grocery store, that has a gluten section but charges an arm and a leg. If I pay a lot more for something it is nice to know it is going towards the co-op instead, a political idea that I encourage, identify with, and like to put my money into, whenever I can.

      What is really kind of heady about the food issue for me right now is figuring out that I can bake and cook. It is slow going, but still very exciting to see that I can work through the mother induced fears and anxiety and get a fresh baked product that I like so much. I keep telling myself that the next project will feel even less fearful.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



    • Hi Granny,

      Okay I will try. It’s just a thing. I still need to buy more kitchen stuff; for now I am borrowing what I don’t have from my rommmate. I loved Julia in the movie Julie and Julia. I think I would have liked to know her and she would have been lots of fun. I just don’t know if I have an inner Julia.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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