Some Wonderful Holiday Posts

Two years ago, when I was living in the warmer state, I spent some time each night surfing Christmas posts on WordPress. I added a few of my blog friends posts to my post on Holiday Coping Resources and others on Holiday Posts.

Last year I didn’t have access to a computer at home, so I had to forego my surfing fun. This year I have spent some happy times each day seeing what others are doing, thinking, and feeling this holiday season. It has been wonderful.

Holiday Cats

The holiday zen of cats.

It’s a Major Award

Two kinds of major awards.

I’m a “cupaholic”

Me too!

Holiday Bliss

Holiday merrymaking with accompanied photos.

It’s the Most Wonderful Time

Baby joys from the season.

T’is the Season to be Jolly

A self-described grumpy teenager’s take on the holiday.

The Christmas Spirit

Slowing down for the month, relaxing and making good memories.

How Santa Claus Began

From St. Nicholas to Santa Claus

Christmas Carols at Millenium Park

Christmas Carol photos.

Christmas Lights on the Water

A few boats lit up.

Being Chanukah in a Christmas World

Christmas from the outside looking in.

Christmas in the Land-of-No-Christmas

Christmas in the Holy Land.

Christmas Story

A little story about a sick little girl. The photo is priceless.

Goddess Photo with Xmas Lights

Portrait of the Goddess of Light.

Christmas Cake

The history of the British Christmas cake.

Christmas Tree Hunt

One small family’s Christmas tree hunt. They are so cute.

The Christmas Tree Picnic

Motivation to finish the tree decorating and a nice new tradition.

O Christmas Tree

Kitty, Kitty, Kitty in the tree.

Christmas is for Geeks, Too

I love this post. It’s just one photo, but it says it all.

Real or Fake: The Great Christmas Tree Debate

The pros and cons of this choice.

A Flesh Colored Grinch, And Proud

A humorous and intelligent Brit rant on the over-use of the word Christmas.

5 Things You Should Never Get Your Significant Other

Timely, humorous, and great advice. Please take note.

Christmas Gift Guide: Revenge Edition

A list of the five things to buy the children of people you want revenge on.

14 thoughts on “Some Wonderful Holiday Posts

  1. Hi Kate ! Thank you so much for adding me to your list of wonderful holiday posts, It’s much appreciated. I’m glad that you liked my post. It’s a great idea to share posts you like, I will take a look at them. Thanks again and I wish you a wonderful holiday season !


  2. Hello sweet Kate! Thank you for your kind words and recommendation of my blog post “The Christmas Tree Picnic”. I have enjoyed reading yours as well. There can never too many of us out there speaking the truth, can there? And sharing a few hugs and laughs as well! Good job! Have a wonderful holiday season and come visit me again.


  3. Kate! Thanks so much for adding me to your Christmas post links. I’m glad you enjoyed our little Christmas tree hunt. We love this little family tradition. Merry Christmas!


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