And There is Snow and some other things

It started snowing yesterday. There is real staying around snow on the ground, unless it stops soon or it warms up in the next week or so. Though it is only supposed to be three to five inches forecasted.

They said it isn’t going to warm up for the next week, so there will be a small amount staying around for a bit. But on the main roads the heat from the vehicles and tires will melt them clear. That is nice. I like biking on the clear roadways in winter.

I’ve been staying inside and being gentle with myself. I went out to have a meal with a relative recently. And another day spent some time with two friends. I was thinking about taking doggie out for a stroll with me on the bike tomorrow. I told her we will have to have a wait and see attitude about that.

It was around this date last year, with an accumulating snow and cold, that my bike decided to freeze over in the gear box and not work. The bike I ride now was working on Friday, so that was a happy thing. I am glad to say that it isn’t the same bike, so I have happy expectations of bike riding in the near future.

I’ve also been doing a little holiday decorating, though that is going very slowly. I did start before Thanksgiving, I need the extra time to get going. I’m so happy that this year I have all my belongings with me, instead of in storage, and especially all my Christmas decorations and ornaments.

I decided to try to make this month a gentle month on the blog. Not that I don’t have plans for the blog and for posting. I do. Not that I don’t deal with flashbacks, my multiple system, our healing process, or the aftereffects of child sexual abuse most days. I do. Though if feel like writing on more difficult or challenging topics, I will.

I just want to take some time to focus on enjoying life and the holiday season rather than having to dissociate the week of and sleep through all of Christmas day, like I have in previous years. I want to enjoy my life. We want to enjoy our life. We want to have fun. And that is healing. And that is revolutionary.

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