A Black Cat on Halloween

I saw the black cat again today, which reminded me that I had intended to post about it.

I first saw it on Halloween. It was wandering in a neighbor’s open yard. My first thought was ohh, on Halloween, bad luck. I would call that my medieval brain or dysfunctional family of origin brain.

 Anyways I had a black cat when I was a child and was never afraid or concerned that it would bring me bad luck. Born to a bad mother, luck was not something I was too concerned about. Except for that year when I was ten or so and got hold of a superstition book. It did not go too well, too many things to be afraid of.

Now I don’t really believe in bad luck when it comes to objects or things, so my next thought was more reasoned. I said to myself no, it’s good luck.

It seemed to be wandering, but wandering with purpose. I’ve seen it three times now, so it must live nearby. I like watching it walk by.

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