Connectedness to Walking

I love to walk. It is a wonderful thing. It makes me so happy. For half of my life it was easy. Getting out, getting away as a child has always meant freedom. Freedom is where I could breathe. I didn’t have a bike of my own until I bought one at age sixteen, so for most of my childhood freedom meant walking. Walking a mile or two as an adult was always a good thing to do, and not uncommon.

For the second half of my life walking has been difficult and painful. Standing and walking can be and usually is excruciating. For the last month or so I have been walking more. That is how I lost weight when living in the warmer state with my brother. I am trying to do that again.

I can only walk about 75 steps at a time before I need to rest. I am trying to expand that to 100 steps. I am trying to expand my endurance with this, as it is very little, but still so happy that I can manage what I can manage and keep seeing improvement. And usually walk about 800 or more extra steps a day.

My muscles relax more after I walk. I sleep better, sleep deeper, and wake up with less pain. After I walk my body has eliminated more toxins from my system and I feel better, often into the next day. My mood improves and I am able to think and believe more positively about my life.

It is good for my body. It is good for my health. It is good for my mind. I love it. I am very connected to using my body to walk.

4 thoughts on “Connectedness to Walking

  1. I think one of the hardest things to remember is that even a little bit makes a big difference, when it comes to self-care stuff. 75 steps when you’re in a lot of pain feels like ten miles. I admire your tenacious dedication to self-care, and your willingness to allow yourself space to do what you can, and recognize your limits.


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