Connectedness to Dance

I dance. I have loved dance for a very long time. I don’t remember a time when I didn’t. Partly it is about the movement, but it is not all about moving. Partly it is about the music and singing and lyrics, but it is not all about the music. Mostly it is about the way that the song enters me to bring about movement that is an outer expression of joy.

With my health limitations it is hard to dance. It is painful, so I don’t do it much. I am trying to do it more. I would like to do it every day without fail. Most of my dancing consists of ten second standing renditions and sitting dancing. I am working hard on getting healthier, losing more weight, eating right, and exercising as much as possible. I want to dance.

Many years ago I questioned whether dancing was a touchstone to me, something essential to myself and my joy. Thinking about this recently I changed my mind. Yes, dancing is essential to myself and my joy. And it is so much more. Dancing is in my cells, it is in my dna.  I am happy for it to dwell there. I am deeply connected to dance. Dancing is me.

One thought on “Connectedness to Dance

  1. Hi Lis,

    I’m sorry I had a glitch in posting and it looked like I got a duplicate copy of your comment and deleted it and then both of them disappeared, sorry. I also left a comment on your blog, and think it got lost as well. I’ll try again later and see if it will be accepted.

    I am honored to receive a post on your blog. Thanks so much. I’m really excited to read all of your blog. I just stopped over quickly before making this comment. I’ve added your resource links pages to my Blogger Resource Page post.

    I think it is too bad that we hadn’t found each other sooner. If you were on wordpress as well we would have found one another long ago.

    I have started to read some of the blogs on your blogroll, but it looks like you don’t have any of my friends on my blogroll in yours. I hope that when and if you find the time you will check them out. They are great.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.



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