It Works!

I’m happy to report that it works. Not happy that I needed it, but happy that it works.

I had an appointment with the dentist, for what I thought was just an xray and exam and found out that they wanted to fill the huge gap in my tooth right away. The gap happened, because a silver filling decided to fall out recently. None of this was happy times, nor having to fork over the money for the white filling.

However I was thrust into a situation where a lot of anxiety was flying around. At first I was fine, I was just there for an exam. Then he told me I could stay and get it done right away. That ratcheted up the anxiety pretty high, very quickly.

About half-way through I started getting close to a panic attack, a fleeting thought of connecting to something, and then a picture of my favorite building (see Connectedness to a Building), the Minneapolis downtown library, popped into my mind. I could feel it’s firmness and connectedness. It was great. I felt better right away. I thought of it again soon after. That helped too.

Towards the end I thought of a stuffed bunny, similar to one I had as a child, but in a different color. I imagined myself holding it while sitting in the dentist chair. It helped.

Okay the situation started out not-so-good. But it ended with finishing the appointment and feeling proud and resourceful about myself. And happy.

2 thoughts on “It Works!

  1. Hi Kate,

    Congratulations! Wow, that’s really great news. I’m sorry you’re having teeth issues, but I think it’s really cool that you’ve been working on your Connectedness articles and found something to help right off.

    I’m happy for you.



    • Hi Elle,

      Thanks so much. It was so great to get an immediate flash of a picture of the library in my mind, just by asking myself what should I focus on for connectedness.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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