Up, Up, and Away


I watched the movie Up again recently. Basically it is about a crotchety old man and a young boy on a very big adventure. There is a part in the story when things are going very bad and the crotchety old man says, I didn’t want this kind of adventure. I don’t remember that part from the first time I saw the movie.

It brought up a lot of thoughts about my move almost two years ago to another state. I had thought that moving to another state would be a very big adventure. I’d move to live with a “friend,” someone who loved me and cared about me. Someone who said they would spend lots of time with me. Someone who talked to me and watched shows and movies with me, someone who cared about my daily life, to do actitivities together. She told me all those things and I believed her. Those were all lies.

So I lived in that state and then in another before coming back to my home state.  It was a very big adventure, just not the ones that I wanted or needed or had hoped for. At times I was alternately like the crotchety old man and the young boy. And like both of them I am tenacious.

So seeing the movie again reminded me that very big adventures come with no guarantees, sometimes they are great and sometimes the greatest part is what you do internally and emotionally that makes the adventure a great thing.

The movie reminded me of my adventures out-of-state. All the good and all the bad. It was a lot like that. Except for the talking dogs.


6 thoughts on “Up, Up, and Away

    • Hi Jenny,

      I’m glad you love it. I love how they save the mommy bird and her three babies, and how quite by accident the man, boy, and dog, with each of their considerable losses, find each other and become family. I really like how no matter what they are going through, they keep on trying, even when they can’t see the good or a good ending. I think much of life is like that.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.

      Love you too.



    • Lol.

      Jon Stewart on his show The Daily Show often stops his commentary, looks around, and yells squirrel! He has two young children, so I’m guessing he watches a lot of movies with his kids. Every time he does it, I laugh.



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