Art Therapy and Creative Healing 12

Incest Survivor Action Figures

Incest Survivor Action Figures (Instructions)

Athena’s Power Shield

Reiki Crystal Necklace

Make a Wish Bracelet

Seeing Ourselves as an Evolving Art Project

Art Therapy Exercise: Working With our Shadow

Make a Vision Statement Banner

Badge of Honor Medallion

This Point in My Life Project

Scribble Drawing Exercise

Making a Focusing Chair

Making a Focus Card

Abstract from Paper Scraps

Creative Boundaries

Make a Music Drawing

Music Therapy Exercise

Brave Heart Wall Hanging

Protection Amulet

Crown Me Mixed Media

All Dolled Up Assemblage

Building an Ex Votos

Make a Mosaic Miracle Box

Suitcase Shrines

108 Web Tools & Resources

Art Therapy and Creative Healing Projects Archive

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