My Poetry

Looking Out
in the cage
sorrow follows me
can’t leak out
it clings to me
in the cage
happiness can’t fit in
through the bars
in the cage
i cannot go
i think
i want
i think
about it
all the time
in the cage
the door swings
back and forth
while i stare
~ Kate

6 thoughts on “My Poetry

  1. your poetry is amazing…..
    we think you are we have said many times
    you put into words what our heart says without words..
    our hope for you is that someday soon your cage disappears
    and you can see it no longer is necessary….. that you can live without bars
    as you and your people can finally know..deeply know that life is diiferenter and you finally can be free and soar
    we”d love to soar with you… as our cage and bars disappears too…..


    • Hi Joanies,

      Thank you. I am starting to believe you, that I write amazing poetry. It is hard, but I am starting to believe it. Thank you for always telling me that.

      We would love to soar with you as well.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  2. Much like Joanies, I have to say thank you for sharing this, because you have been able to put into words so eloquently…the same feelings I have difficulty expressing.

    Thanks again.



    • Hi Nel,

      Thank you.

      I have to say this poem took a long time to write. I have been toying with the concept of the cage as imagery in a poem for over ten years. In this poem, I think I said it as good as I could possibly do.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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