Cherry Limeades in the Rain

All of the month of May went by and I didn’t get over to Sonic for a cherry limeade with pineapple pieces on the bottom. One-third of June gone by and I finally got over there. It was cold and the rain started before we got done drinking it. And I had to ride my bike away in a cold rain.

As always I thought the drink was too sweet. There wasn’t enough limes in it and the pineapple chunks were also significantly less than a year ago. (I think I might have to try to make one at home. Saw there were recipes online. Will have to check that out.) The Littles loved it.

 The Littles had a great time. I’m awed by their enthusiasm, even in the face of it all.

2 thoughts on “Cherry Limeades in the Rain

  1. Oh, the memories this brings back! When I lived in Texas, I used to go to Mr. Burger and order CherryLime Diet Dr. Peppers. Yum and cool in the summer! I still get them at Sonic, but sometimes I don’t get any cherries and once, I got the whole bottle full at the bottom!


    • Hi Ivory,

      I didn’t get a cherry either. Dr. Pepper, hmm, sounds like a good combo, will have to try it. I’ve only tried this one thing as my nephew took me there and told me to try them. I usually stick with one thing at a place when I like it a lot.



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