The Month, So Far

24 hours and the month is done. Giving more time and attention to self-care for The Littles was both harder and easier than I thought it would be. It is true, there is only so much energy that I have to expend into every day. Even so what I learned is that I cannot horde my energy, my time. Because it is not only my time, my energy, my body, my life. I am a we and my life is a shared life and I need to do more to acknowledge that and share within the system.

I was tired out a lot this month and I didn’t even do that much physical activity. The weather was cold and had large bouts of wind and rain this month, interspersed with some rather lovely days. We would have prefered sunnier days and more biking.

I was tired out a lot and tried to listen to that, some of the time. I took more naps and put more things off than I would have liked, but it was necessary. I’ve had some very difficult health issues in recent months and that continues to take time, energy, effort, and capacity away from me.

The Teens got more time to do some of the things they wanted. June will be a month for some more of their favorites to be indulged in. They still haven’t made up a list, but I have received enough requests this month to start on for the beginning of June and will try to get a list up and posted as soon as possible, so I can write about that process as well.

I think I made a pretty good start. The Littles made a list for the month and there are a few things we did not do at all. I kept forgetting to buy popsicles at the store when I was there. I didn’t get to Sonic for a cherry limeade with pineapple pieces on the bottom. I didn’t color once, but I will keep trying on that. I didn’t do any crafts. I have lots of books and lots of supplies. I haven’t used my Reiki drum this month, even though I wanted to. There is still today to try to fit those things in. And then there is next month and the month after that, etc. Lots of months again and lots of more lists and things to do.  🙂

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