The Reality of Human Trafficking

I know that nowadays most people grasp the concept that there is human trafficking of human beings, across borders and boundaries, exploiting workers and enslaving them. Trafficking can also happen in one country, as young teenage girls are being promised a good job in the city only to find armed guards and a debt they will never be able to pay by sexual slavery. I do not use the term forced prostitution, as that does not accurately describe what happens to these children and adults.

This happens worldwide and is understood to involve children and adults. This is the modern-day face of slavery. I created a page of resource links on the topic of human trafficking and it is posted here on my blog:

Human Trafficking Resources

This is the reality we face now.  I hear about it on the national news. I heard it a lot when I was living nearby Mexico last year. Though there is usually a lot of denial that it happens here in America, it does. Most news stories are about trafficking being transporting citizens of other countries into another country illegally.

There isn’t a lot of stories about the women who become captured and sold into sexual slavery, except in other countries. There are some, just not that many. There aren’t a lot of stories about teenagers who become enslaved to someone who is selling them as prostitutes due to physical and sexual assaults and threats. I saw one story. There are some other stories, just usually not about it happening in the United States. It does.

Although there are stories in the news of children being sexually abused by family members, I never hear about all the children that are  sold sexually to other adults by their parents or siblings. This is not rare.  This is also a type of human trafficking, but no one is talking about it in the media. Being a child member of a family where abuse is happening is the reality of a captive childhood. They are selling children’s bodies for profit. And no one is talking about it in the national media. I was abused like this.

There used to be frequent stories about child pornography and organized sexual abuse and the online efforts to catch them. It is very rare to hear about it now, a big case here or there that caught many with computers full of child pornography. It used to be a topic in the national news magazines.

Now the level of awareness has devolved into sexual offenders making a date with a teenager and instead being caught on the show To Catch a Predator. Yes they are predators and yes they are sexual offenders. They just aren’t child sexual abuse predators. Those seem to not be on news programs anymore. Why? They are still out there. Why is abuse made so invisible in our culture/country?

There aren’t any stories on the news or news shows about ritual abuse and how they obtain, use, enslave, and abuse women and children. Well there is this huge funky denial about ritual abuse in our country. All the acccusations of lying therapists and evil attorneys against innocent parents have brainwashed people into believing it doesn’t happen, it never did happen. It happened. It still happens.

I am a ritual abuse survivor.

7 thoughts on “The Reality of Human Trafficking

  1. Kate, I’m sorry that ritual abuse doesn’t get the attention – or the horror – it so clearly deserves. Also sorry that Oprah has given up her show, because that’s exactly the kind of place to bring it the attention it needs. ((hugs))


    • Hi Kerro,

      Thank you dear. I hope that there is someone out there in media who cares to address this. But we have a long history of silence, exploitation, and neglect when it comes to ritual abuse education, awareness, and advocacy.

      Ritual abuse, like dissociative identity disorder, was in the public attention about twenty-five years ago, but it was mostly sensationalized, so much so that it was easier to discredit. Oprah did an episode this season on DID that did not endear her to many multiples.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  2. Hi Kate,
    Thank you for speaking out. Yes, as a culture we need to talk about the atrocities that are perpetrated by parents and siblings on children. It messes with people’s worldview, and that scares them, but it’s better than living a lie. It’s easier to think of the predators as being in someone else’s family, but if sociopaths are really 3% of the population, then everyone know someone who is capable of hurting another without conscience or empathy.

    I’m so sorry you were enslaved and sold to be raped. I’m so sorry you were ritually abused.

    Good and healing thoughts to you.


    • Hi SDW,

      Thank you dear.

      Psychopaths in a generational dysfunctional and sexually abusive family occur in even higher numbers, just like in jail, in high places of government and business, the military, and in other places where there are abuses of power.

      You are right it is easier to think of abusers as being out there, or out there in another country than in your own culture or backyard. But this tendency to denial and lack of focus in the media doesn’t help victims, it helps abusers. For that I am outraged.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  3. Hi Kate,

    I was 16 when I first learned that there were official terms for what was happening to me. While I figured it happened in all families, I also must have known it didn’t because I knew it had to be kept a secret. I wish there was more information and help out there. It makes it really difficult to even share experiences with my therapist.



    • Hi Elle,

      I am sorry this was your experiences then and now. I can relate. Most people just don’t get it, it is hard to mentally wrap your mind around this topic, for most people. I hope you can check out some of the resources I collected for my resource page on Human Trafficking.
      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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