Medals of …

Recently we watched the movie Nanny MacPhee 2. I haven’t seen the first one in a while, but I liked it a lot. I wanted to re-watch the first one, but the Littles didn’t want to, and since I made them rewatch the first two Shreks, I felt bad and gave in this time. So we only watched the second one.

We didn’t like it as much. There is a scene when Nanny meets the children and they don’t want to obey her and she taps her walking stick on the floor and they end up hitting themselves. We really, really didn’t like that. We don’t like any movies where kids are shown being hit or hurt, even if it is only a movie, even if it is only a fantasy movie, even if they don’t get hurt much. As those type of scenes go, it was pretty mild.

We enjoyed the movie, just not as much as the first. We liked the romance element in the first movie. This one wasn’t written as well and the story wasn’t as much fun.

We liked that she was there to teach the five children five lessons. We thought they were all good lessons. It’s just that as every survivor learns and knows, lessons have to be learned over many times before it becomes automatic and an internal part of a person.

One thing that we loved a lot was that Nanny MacPhee had medals pinned onto her blouse. One of the children asked her what the medals were for. She said, courage, kindness, resolve, imagination, enthusiasm, basketwork, and leaps of faith. At the ending of the movie, Nanny walks away. Each of the children have one of her medals pinned onto their clothes. We liked that a lot.

We have talked about it and decided we want some medals of our own:








3 thoughts on “Medals of …

    • Okay, :), we have to think about that question. We were thinking just of the medals being on our shirt, like we were all sharing them. Now we are going to think about each of us having one, like in the movie. Hmm, we gotta think a long while.




      • We think everyone wants to have a medal that they can keep in their private inside room. I don’t know what I want, but I think a medal for showing courage or for being tenacious.

        We will probably post some more about them on the blog, as we decide what to do.



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