A Few Things

The month has not gone according to plan. I ended up spending time and energy on the blog carnival, I should have known that would take time and energy away from The Littles, but I just didn’t think of that. Regardless it was great to do. I’m glad that I was able to host it. I’ve wanted to do that for a long time. Next time I will know to set aside more time and energy commitment to the project.

This past week I have also given The Teens a lot of time. They wanted to watch the tv shows. I should have told them no, we’ll do it next month, but that really didn’t work, after a few days I really thought that I should let them start on some shows.

We watched a few episodes of the show Roswell. Now I know they like Sci-fi, well I do too, so that works out good for us all. We started watching the series Stargate Atlantis from the beginning as well, again. As well as Say Yes to the Dress. We are in the middle of the fourth season. They also got me started on watching the movies by Stieg Larsson, the first one being The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo. We are currently in the middle of the second movie. They also wanted time to decide on what quotes they would post to the blog for next month.

So you can see how that could be time consuming. I notified them that meant that they had to share some of their alloted time next month to The Littles to make up for the time lost.

I lost a lot of time twice dealing with computer issues and then my email being broken into. This is life with a computer, unfortunately. I’m trying to catch up on blog reading, slowly doing that.

 Too many commitments and that is an old habit of mine. I need to work on that. My energy level is not what I would like it to be, but I have to accept it.

I got to a point in the month when I was just tired out all the time. Tired out and sleepy and the month isn’t over with yet. Today I slept twelve hours straight through. That was great, except I woke up tired out and sleepy and I am still feeling that way.

We are also going out for meals two days this week. That should be wonderful. We are happy and looking forward to that.

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