Biking Home With the Moon

It’s almost a full moon. Well it will be on Tuesday night. Monday night I was riding my bike home with a beautiful, gorgeous almost full moon. It looked very big in the sky, all lit up. It was so great to be biking towards the moon.

I went out for an ice cream sundae in the evening. It was great. I got a chocolate ice cream sundae with hot caramel syrup on it. It is sort of my current favorite. I forgot to bring a book to read while there. It is a favorite spot of mine, with picnic benches that are next to the store. When it is nice out it is great to have a treat there and take a reading break. The store plays the classic public radio station, my favorite. I don’t know what it is, but I love to listen to the music out in the open air. The whole experience has a nice feel to it.

Then I went out to eat, just a small meal, since I had already eaten my dessert first. It was fun. I was getting tired but I wanted to stop at target and get some things, since I was in the area.

So I walked around target and looked at the toys, the clothes, tennis shoes, and books. It was kind of upsetting, no new books I was willing to buy. I only buy books that I keep the series, the others I get at the library.

I looked at the bigger sky balls, but still couldn’t decide to buy another one. I think that they cost too much. I had decided that I will buy some more balls, a soccer ball, a football, and a basketball. The Littles have been wanting them for some time, and I have kept putting it off. I will probably use some of my birthday money for all the balls they want to own.

I also bought three stretchy shirts, so hopefully the Teens will be happier with the recent wardrobe choices I have been making. That makes eight new tshirt/stretchy shirts we have gotten this month.

Looking at the moon on the ride home reminded me to look out for stars when I got home. I sat outside and looked around some. It took me some effort, but I did find the Big Dipper, partly obscured by a huge tree. Stars, it was bliss.

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