The Bee’s Knees

The Bee Movie

I’ve seen this movie before, but was surprised at how much I had missed. I remembered the basic plot, but most of the really fun stuff I had forgotten.

Barry is a bee not satisfied with what his life is destined to be. He wants to go outside the hive, looking for something more than working and dying.

Vanessa Bloom is a florist, a human florist, who saves Barry’s life. An oddball relationship ensues.

Shockingly Barry discovers that bee product and bee culture are being stolen by humans. He decides to sue humans. Taking honey away from humans leads to an over-abundance of honey with no incentive to work. Bee culture stagnates. Lack of pollenation shows to everyone the interdependence humans have with bees and nature. Barry’s and all bees reconnection to humans and nature is a good lesson.

I could say it was a good point. Survivors of abuse can well relate to being dissatisfied with the life they are living and will continue to live. Barry’s search for meaning and love in his life is one that most survivors have felt the need for. Realizing an interdependence among beings is a process most survivors are terrified of and healed by establishing connections to others and nature.

But then I would rather focus on how hilarious it was. We had a good time. We enjoyed it a lot.

2 thoughts on “The Bee’s Knees

  1. I’ve not seen it but it sounds good.
    I think many survivors and non-survivors have difficulty with trusting and depending upon humans. I think that’s why we end up with people who have 20 dogs and no real human connections. They realize they need other living things but humans seem threatening and violent. I get it but I’m still one who believes in the strength of the human spirit. I’m still one who believes strongly that without human connection I’m totally lost.


    • Hi,

      It is a hard thing to admit. I am the same way. The truth of the matter is that without human connection, all of us are totally lost. Which is also the scariest thing in the world and I agree everyone has trouble with trusting and depending on others, survivors just more so, before we heal.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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