I Got a Thing About Rats

Okay, so The Littles picked the movie Ratatouille to see. I just gotta say I got a thing about rats. I would have preferred The Borrowers or even Mouse Hunt. For a minute there I tried to talk them out of it. It didn’t work. So we watched an animated movie about rats. It was what they wanted.

I gotta say it took me into my adulthood before I loved a mouse, Fievel from An American Tale. I still remember the commercial for the movie, you will learn to love a mouse. I thought no way, try it, it won’t happen. I hated Mickey Mouse, I wasn’t going to fall for just any mouse. But I fell hard, I loved little Fievel Mousekowitz.

Ratatouille had some great parts in it. I loved many of the characters, but I could have done without the rats, even the main character. He seemed like an adult rat, so no endearing quality there for me. He’s a cook who learned from watching a certain chef on tv and reading his cookbook. The chef’s phrase, used throughout the movie, was anyone can be a cook.

I especially loved the part where Remy was trying to teach the kitchen clean up guy how to cook. He was on top of the guy’s head, under his chef’s hat, pulling on his hair to indicate what to do. It went okay for me, except for a few times when I realized with a start, there is a rat in the kitchen. I realize that it wasn’t real, it was just the idea, it was sort of too much for me. The worst was when the kitchen staff was replaced with a team of rats. And no I wouldn’t eat there, no matter how good the food was, even in a movie.

Sometimes doing things for The Littles is easy. I have a great time and I don’t have to intrude on their enjoyment with any negative thoughts and feelings. This wasn’t one of those times. I just had to try to suck it up, you know, for the kids.

2 thoughts on “I Got a Thing About Rats

  1. Hi Kate,

    Whoa. Just reading this my skin started to itch! I definitely have a “thing” too. Fievel was sort of a fleeting exception, but even then, it makes me squeamish thinking about him. Cinderella is a little difficult for me, too, although I adore Gus Gus. Uhhhhh…

    Rodent free and healing thoughts to you! 🙂



    • Hi Elle,

      Lol. Thanks. I needed the rodent free ones!

      Cinderella was a lot easier for me. These rodents look like real rats, not an attractive look.




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