Songs for Self(ves) 35

Dedicated to yous, my beloved Littles

Never Knew I Needed

You’re the best thing I never knew I needed.

from the movie Princess & the Frog

by Ne-Yo


2 thoughts on “Songs for Self(ves) 35

  1. This is such a cool song. Thank you. I love your songs and quotes for the kids and all. Would you like to check my favorite song?

    -Kelly (I hope it’s okay if alters comment on your posts)


    • Hi Kelly,

      Yes all of yous are welcome to comment, if you want to.

      Oh that is one of my favorite songs too. For the longest time I had a crush on the backstreet boys. Four of them sang some songs with the group boys to men on Dancing With the Stars last week. My favorite guy was not on there, Kevin Richardson. I was so dissapointed. I know he left the band, but was hoping he would come back for some appearances and sing, he had for Oprah Winfrey Show about six months ago.

      I’m not sure that I have one. There are so many great songs. Good and healing thoughts to you.



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