Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse May

The Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse will be hosted here at my blog for May.

Here is last month’s carnival:

From Tracie

Here is next month’s host’s blog:

Leslie’s Illusions

 The topic I have chosen for this month is Self-Care. (I’ll be posting on my blog on the topic of self-care this whole month.) 

The other categories will still be In the News, Aftermath,  Advocacy and Awareness, Healing and Therapy, Art Therapy, Poetry, and Survivor Stories. Feel free to submit under the other categories, even if you don’t have something that relates to Self-Care. Participation in the Blog Carnival can be seen as a self-care action in itself.

Click here to submit: Blog Carnival Against Child Abuse

The deadline for submissions is May 18th. I will publish on May 20th at 6 pm central time.

Self-care can be so many different things, depending on where you are in your life and in your healing. Before healing, self-care usually involves using some grounding and coping skills that are harmful to your body, your mind, and your life, sometimes with few comforting skills when you need them.

At the beginning of healing self-care might include daily body needs, taking meds, going to therapy, going to a support group, finding survivor friends, reading books on healing from child abuse, learning that you have rights, learning boundaries, starting to write, and dealing with your abuse history and healing work, as well as trying to do your daily self-care tasks.

Many of these early self-care methods continue to be issues through our healing process. The more that we heal, the more functional our self-care methods can become, the more our defintion of self-care expands.

More advanced methods can include finding the things you love, learning a new hobby, developing a support system for your life and healing, exploring different healing methods, developing healthier grounding, coping and comfort skills, learning to relax, putting an end to a toxic relationship/friendship, understanding that it was not your fault, feeling love and compassion to the inner child and the child that you were, learning to love yourself, starting to exercise and eat more healthily.

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