Art Therapy and Creative Healing 11

Drawing Lessons

Using Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Art

5 Basic Pen & Ink Techniques

How to Draw a Mandala

Create a Mind Map

Whimsical Art

How to Use Pastels

Pen & Ink Materials

Painting Lessons

Painting with Acrylics

How to Paint Abstract Art

How to Watercolor

Abstract Watercolor Painting

Pastel Drawing and Painting

Mixed Media Art

Journaling Prompts

Experiments Book

Altered Cigar Box

Paint a Prayer

Make a Creativity Box

Keep a Favorites Journal

Make a Journal Jar

Make a Goal Board

Fabric Collage

Emotion Painting

Caribbean Foot Jewelry

Caribbean Hand Jewelry

Hand Photos: A Project 365

Art Therapy and Creative Healing Projects Archive

2 thoughts on “Art Therapy and Creative Healing 11

  1. Emotion Painting on the KinderArt site is a really good article. I’d like my own therapist to know a bit more about what I draw and why. I’ll send him the link. Your resource links are always so helpful.


    • Hi,

      Thanks. I liked that article. I think letting your therapist know more is a good healing step. You are an incrededible talent and using your talent, in my opinion, in the furtherance of your life, earnings, and healing is excellent. Good and healing thoughts to you.



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