Art Therapy and Creative Healing Projects 8

100 Art Therapy Exercises

Make a Visual Autobiography

Weave on a Cardboard Loom

Create a Color Wheel

Create a Coat of Arms

A Fragments Box

Box of Values

Found Object Painting

Photo Craft Projects

Scribble Drawing

Draw a Mandala

Color a Mandala

Prayer Flags

A Family Tree of Strength

Anchor Art

A Life Map

Create Your Own Website

Create Vision and Mission Statements

A Motivational Collage

A Clutter Collage

Worry Collage

Collage a Painting

Make a Postcard

Ink-Blot Art

Map Your Mind

Emotion Painting

Draw a Dream at Dreamlines

Draw a Future Self-Portrait

Make a Stress Painting

Gratitude Collage/Painting

Gratitude Poster

Make an Abstract Painting

Paint a Childhood Memory

Window Painting

Famous Work of Art as Inspiration

Art Therapy and Creative Healing Projects Archive

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