Healing with Humor 5: We’re not Elves.

 Outsourced on NBC. I love this show. It makes me laugh over and over during an episode. That doesn’t normally happen for me when I watch most sitcoms.

From the episode The Todd Couple:

Anger management training video, being watched by Indian co-workers in India, turns out to be an American idea of what yoga is:

Video: Namaste, that’s Indian for greeting.

Manmeet: Todd, there is no such language as Indian.

Todd, the manager: I know.

Video: Yoga is the great gift from these spiritual and magical people.

Rajiv, the assistant manager: We’re Indians, not elves.

From the episode A Sitar is Born.

After Todd tries to get Madhuri to enter a Bollywood singing competition, but accidentally ends having Gupta volunteer. 

Gupta is practicing in the office the next morning before work.

Rajiv: Should I call the authorities. It appears that a dancing bear has gotten loose in the call center.

Todd: That’s not so bad. (Gupta bends over.) Oh, that was regrettable.

Rajiv: Hats off, you picked the only Indian who cannot sing and dance.

Rajiv starts singing to prove his point.

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