Recently I think that I have made a leap in my life, in healing. Not sure, but it sure feels like it.

Most of my bliss work has been on doing things that bring me bliss. I don’t think I realized there was another kind of bliss, but I do realize, vaguely, that I have heard and read of other concepts of bliss. But I don’t think about them or work on them. Not much. Not lately.

I was talking recently to one of my spirit guides. I always have had spirit guides. I think lots of children who survive abuse had spirit guides. My guide was talking to me about bliss, how to achieve it by embracing it, not through doing or doing nothing, but through being. It was great. It was different. It was bliss.

I really liked it a lot. More to come.

4 thoughts on “Bliss

    • Hi Butterfly,

      Do you have any guides, that you know of? One of my closest guides is a guardian angel. I think now if I could be loved that much by an angel I must have value as a person.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



  1. Hi Kate,

    I believe I do have a guide (or maybe several guides), but they haven’t really shown themselves to me. I wonder if they feel they might frighten me? (They might be right.)

    – Butterfly


    • Hi Butterfly,

      Hmm. I believe that most guides have shown themselves, in some manner, to those they are guiding, loving, and protecting, people just don’t realize that it happened. Some animal guides show up in the kind of animals you love the most. I have found that in some way I had a connection to them without realizing it was really there. That might sound odd, but it was true.

      I have been freaked out about having guides, so I won’t pretend it hasn’t been that way, off and on for years. Even when I knew for sure I would still go in and out of denial. But realzing they were really there has really helped me in my life and in my healing.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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