Healing with Humor 4:Breathing

Breathing was a big part of Doug-the-parole-officer’s philosophy of How to Fix the World and Find One’s Place in It. He had explained it all to me over a vegan meal of flaxseed, tofu, and shredded carrots in a raspberry vinaigrette that the Gratitude Cafe in Berkely. The meal was memorable mostly because I became weary of chewing long before my hunger was sated, which I imagine would be an excellent dieting technique. According to Doug, , the secret to inner peace was to breathe with intent, inhaling anger and exhaling compassion. Or maybe it was the other way around. I got mixed up…

Fuming, I hopped in my truck and took off. I exhaled anger until I felt lightheaded and was forced to inhale a little compassion lest I keel over while driving.

Arsenic and Old Paint, by Hailey Lind.

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