Healing with Humor 3: Make Every Moment Count

I tried doing that once, making every moment count. It gave me a headache.

Adrian Monk, Monk TV Series, from the episode Mr. Monk Takes a Vacation.

For a very long time I have loved the Monk show. Not since the first season, but probably the second season, when they replayed some of the cable shows on abc during the summer. I didn’t know anything about the show, but I loved it. That was the same way that I first found and loved the show Psych.

I especially like how the main character has been effected by the trauma of the loss of his wife through violent crime. You can see in each episode how post traumatic stress disorder has exacerbated all his previous mental health issues. You often hear about how far he has come and yet how far he still has to go in healing. I appreciate the ability of the show to highlight someone who is severely challenged in their everyday life and yet they can do so much to positively effect others, justice, and the world. Plus it is funny.

2 thoughts on “Healing with Humor 3: Make Every Moment Count

  1. Ah yes, humour has kept me sane. Or as close to sane as I’ll ever be 😉

    I watched a couple of episodes of Monk and liked it. I didn’t realize it was still on, i only get a few stations so maybe it’s on one I don’t get.


    • Hi,

      Humor is great, for me, as well.

      It isn’t on any more, it ended in 2009, after eight seasons. I got some episodes on dvd from the library. I love to watch the show, over and over, so I tend to do that. Recently I watched all of season one.

      Good and healing thoughts to you.



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